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About Cloud-Cuckoo-Land

Wolkenkuckucksheim | Cloud-Cuckoo-Land | Воздушный замок (in short W|C|B) is a multilingual, international, free, and openly accessible research journal on the theory of architecture. It aims at furthering the discourse in architecture, particularly at providing research material for third parties on the web, initiating and supporting research, stimulating discussions on theoretical and methodological questions, and reporting research outcomes. The title is inspired by Aristophanes’ comedy ”The Birds,” in which the birds try to establish a space between heaven and earth, named νεφελοκοκκυγία.

W|C|B consists of theme issues and the ”OpenCollection - Theory of Architecture.” It is openly accessible and free of charge. W|C|B was founded in 1996 by Dr. Eduard Führ, Professor of the Theory of Architecture at the Brandenburg Technical University at Cottbus, Germany. In 2011, after being confered emeritus status, the editorial office was relocated in Bielefeld, Germany. In spring 2013, two new editorial offices were established after recruiting Prof. Dr. Jörg Gleiter (Theory of Architecture, TU Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Ute Poerschke (Stuckeman School, Pennsylvania State University) as additional editors. The journal is hosted through a neutral provider, its agency is the ”momus-Stiftung”.

Architecture is an overarching term for structural, functional, perceivable, artistic, infrastructural, social planning, designs, and realizations in all scales, such as the design of objects, interior architecture, buildings, neighborhoods, villages and cities, landscapes and regions, and their practical and aesthetic appropriation. Appropriation means use, experience, insight and their systematization, and philosophical and epistemological reflection, conception, design, realization in the contexts of conditions and evaluations of effectiveness and achievement, as well as architectural intermediation and critique.

Theory of architecture is verbally reflecting, discursively communicating, and/or artistically realizing, interdisciplinarily grounded concrete analysis; the process of gaining knowledge through theoretical reflection; interpretation and critique of architecture within or outside of scientific and philosophical systems.

Oxana Barabanova (2001–2009)
Katharina Fleischmann (2004–2010)
Hans Friesen (1996–2000)
Eva Maria Froschauer (2009–2011)
Christian Gänshirt (1998–2008)
Ehrengard Heinzig (2000–2009)
Cornelia Jöchner (1999–2005)
Riklef Rambow (2001–2012)
Mohammad Reza Shirazi (2007–2009)
Gottfried Schlüter (1996–2002)
Anette Sommer (1996–2000)
Ulrike Sturm (2003–2009)