Collection Architectural Theory
Theory of Architecture



    • The »Open Collection Theory of Architecture« (OS|ThArch) has been prepared over many years at the Institute »Theory of Architecture« at the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus directly from primary sources free of copyright. To further improve research possibilities, we have included links to external sources, which are clearly marked as such (titles in red). If copyright was violated, we did so unintentionally and would appreciate notification. Partial quotations can be incorporated in exams and research work, in accordance with common research practices. The commercial utilization of these sources, for example in anthologies, is subject to approval from the editors of »Wolkenkuckucksheim|Cloud-Cuckoo-Land|Воздушный замок«!
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    • Open Collection Theory of Architecture. In: Wolkenkuckucksheim|Cloud-Cuckoo-Land|Воздушный замок, [link to source], [date of access].